Top10 Black Stone Tub

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Top10 Black Stone Tub

If you are thinking about designing your own bathroom and also thinking about a black marble tub. you might have many questions in head

Black bathtub and the Modern design bathroom:

The deep freestanding black bathtub is a real extravagance, it is also a key element in modern design. About what kind of bathroom design is better with a black marble tub, you will find out more in another article: Black marble bathtub and bathroom ideas.

For examples,A black marble tub will make a natural minimalist bathroom feels chic and spacious. In a Zen style bathroom design, a black marble tub seems soft and serene.A matte black marble tub is a real trend in the bathroom.

Any size of the matte black marble tub brings a sense of well-organized and comfortable to the bathroom.

Classic oval shape black stone bathtublarge black granite stone bathtub

Comparison among black granite tub and black marble tub

Granite is mainly composed of silica or quartz-like particles. It is very durable and easy to maintain. It's totally anti-stain. Black granite tub is the top quality of all stone tub. It's suitable to use for indoor and outdoor. With it's special quality, A polished surfaced granite bathtub could shine for a few years without any maintain.


Granite small black stone tub

What is the difference between black marble tub and black limestone tub

Marble is mainly composed of calcium carbonate. It's sensitive to acids, such as vinegar, wine, tomatoes, etc. However, If you spill some wine on your marble tub by accident, no need to be panic, Your marble tub will be fine as long as you don't leave it like that for about a month! Yes, It’s softer than granite, but it is still a solid stone.



Limestone is a sedimentary rock, composed of calcium carbonate fossil, but marble is a metamorphic rock, so the marble is heated and squeezed limestone. In another way to say, the marble bathtub is slightly harder and denser than the limestone bathtub. Even though limestone has a rough-looking and name, but compare to granite, It’s soft. not your best choice for an outdoor spa.

Modern bathtub Black Stone tub


What are the pros and cons of granite tubs, marble tubs and limestone tubs?

Granite is the best quality of all stone tubs, It's solid, It will never change color under sunshine or rain, or snow. When you want a polished surface granite bathtub, the Granite tub surface could be polished like a mirror.

Top-quality and top-glossy material! If you want to make an outdoor spa, granite tub is your best choice. The cons will be the cost, compared to marble and limestone, granite cost higher.


limestone chiseled bathtub

Marble bathtub is famous for its natural veins. It's mother earth's masterpiece. In a simple black color natural stone, there could be white veins, golden veins in different amazing patterns.

Each black marble bathtub is unique, design by the earth. The cost of a marble bathtub is more friendly. The cons are maintaining. If you make an outdoor natural spa and choose a marble bathtub, you might need to polish it every year, otherwise, it might lose some glossy.

The pros are it's still a marble, a natural stone, it exists on earth millions of years before it shipped to you. Somehow if you forgot to maintain your marble tub for 10 years, then one day, you decide to make it shining again, all you need is to buy a small polish machine and polish it according to a YouTube video.

Unlike acrylic, or cultured marble, fiberglass tub, If it wore out, you can't remedy, only to pay someone to demolish it.

Black stone bathtub-Neromarguina tub


How to choose between Black Marble tub and Black Granite Tub?

It takes time to decide which one to choose, between black marble bathtub and a black granite bathtub! Both of them are breath-taking and beautiful.

Both of them are made of natural stone, that is to say, they are timeless, keeping value, and hold warm water for a very long time. So what's the catch to choose a suitable one for you? 

In a nutshell, It depends on your bathroom design. If you want to pure black color stone bathtub, without any vein in order to match with your bathroom, then black granite bath tub is your choice. Seeing as granite bath tub is the best quality among all stone material. You could save time on maintaining and cleaning.

If you want a black bathtub with white pattern, or black bath with natural golden pattern, you know, maybe your bathroom is more of zen style and you need a bit color to give it a vivid look. Then marble bath tub is your best choice, simply because there is more natural stone pattern you could choose from. Marblebee has so many existing black marble bath tub with different natural stone vein, you could choose from. 

In addition, a black color natural marble tub is also a good idea even for pure black matt surface or polished surface freestanding tub. Seeing as marble bath tub costs less than granite bath tub. For more stone bathtub price questions, please email to get a price list.


Round soaking tublarge marble bathtub black

What is Black Limestone Bathtub?

Limestone bathtub is popular for minimalist bathroom design and Zen style bathroom design. The absolute black color with the small little dots and short little veins makes it represent a perfect simplistic style.

 A Matte surface black limestone bathtub is also called an absolute black stone tub has been adopted in many modern design ideas by designers recently. It’s popular because of the trend of minimalist and contemporary bathroom design ideas. Nothing can compare with the tranquility a matte surface black limestone bathtub represents in a Zen style bathroom.

large black bathtub-limestone tub

The cons of limestone tub are also the surface. If you put a limestone bathtub outside in your backyard, it will lose the glossy even in a matte surface within a few years without maintaining. But display it inside with a  dry condition bathroom, The fine surface will last many years before you need to polish again.

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