Large Stone Garden Fountains

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Stone Water fountains have consistently been represent human prosperity and ingenuity for thousands of years. A well-crafted artisan stone water fountain rank among the greatest engineering and creativity in the world.

Small marble fountain or large stone fountain for a garden

You also shouldn’t think that you won’t be able to fit a nice stone garden fountain onto a smaller garden or more modest backyard. These stone art aren’t only notable for their natural material or sophistication: variations can be found at any level of scope or budget.

small stone garden fountain two tier fountain

Even a small cozy backyard need a small natural stone two tier fountain to decorate. By the same token, a large stone garden fountain projects would be a soul of a delicate garden, a larger picture begins to emerge: ultimately, the beauty of a stone garden fountain is absolute regardless of its size or complexity.

Feng shui philosophy marble Water Features 

Stone Water fountains embody one of the four classical elements: in feng shui philosophy of a stone water fountain, water’s ability to shape shift and transform through multiple phases of matter has made it an example of human expression and free will.

By the same token, a well-placed stone water features, specially a  well-designed garden marble fountain can provide a sense of forward progression and flexibility to your backyard.

Large Fengshui marble fountain for garden

Feng shui ideologies from a marble garden fountain is just one reason, it is also impossible to deny the connection that water has to all life: the steady flow of a large river, and the civilizations that may have sprouted around it. Thanks to some well-placed stone fountains and naturalistic natural stone waterworks in your backyard, your backyard brought the feeling of  natural and relax.

large garden fountain

Among all those beautiful stone water features, there is a popular type: White marble fountain with statues. With those vividly hand carved lion statues, angel statues and even dragon sculptures, combined with water element, brings the mysterious feeling to your garden.

The most popular types of  stone garden fountains

In the following, we will discuss some of the most common types of stone garden fountains: the materials they are made of, the different places they can be set, and the famous, definitive examples of such natural stone fountains around the world.

By far the most common materials from which to make garden fountains are stone, among all stone fountains, marble fountains are the most popular insomuch as a big varieties of colors to choose from.

From white marble garden fountain, red marble fountain to green marble fountain, grey marble fountain to creamy limestone fountain etc.


stone garden fountain with lion statues

Stones such as granite and limestone are time-honored building materials as well: limestone in particular is an ancient material used in the construction of the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, not mention the the beautify of a limestone garden fountain, while granite has long benefitted from its easiness to clean and maintain, on top of its strength and resilience (and that’s all in addition to it being relatively easy to carve, too!). Although granite fountains has less color to choose from, unlike marble fountains.

large garden fountain




One of the most iconic and common kinds of outdoor fountain is the garden fountain: literally the “garden variety.” Most garden fountains are of the classical tiered design, featuring multiple layers of bowls, decreasing in size as they go up, creating the gentle, streaming cascade of water that many consider synonymous with all fountains in general.

large garden fountain with horses statues

In fact, a tiered garden fountain is not the only choice for a large garden.For some large garden, maybe a stone fountain with large horses sculptures would be better choice. 

large stone fountain with horses

And in addition to beautiful hand-carved life-size horses statues, A large garden fountains could even have extra large horse statues. 

horses fountain

This is because garden fountains, perhaps more than any other kind, directly reflect the appearance of nature: all kinds of substances, in all kinds of places, doing all kinds of things. There is, after all, a reason that the large stone fountain design can be coupled so well with a natural rocky waterfall. Likewise, as many different colors, textures, and sizes that you can find out in the wilderness, there are equally as many different kinds of water fountains that will look perfectly at home in your outdoor garden.


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