Top 10 Beige Stone Bathtub

Top 10 Beige stone bathtub

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Top 10 Beige Stone Bathtub

When you have a certain design of a bathroom and decide to looking for a golden cream color or beige color natural stone material freestanding bathtub, How to choose the material? What's about those different stone material? What is the pros and cons of choosing different stone bathtubs?

It will only take your 30 seconds to learn how to choose a natural stone bathtub here ! Are you ready? Let's review the top 10 beige color stone bathtubs that will rock your bathroom!

Limestone bathtub--Every pattern of the stone vein is light color!

If you want a light, airy, feel, it’s natural to pick lighter shades. Limestone has bright, white, and champagne-like colors that are consistent throughout the stone, whereas travertine tends toward a darker palette with long streaks embedded in it. Limestone bathtub makes peaceful and earth-friendly Zen-like designs, It can come in a darker color contemporary bathroom.

Elegant light beige color is one of the reasons to make limestone stone bathtub popular, the other reason is it’s solid all the way through. Pitting and dimpling in limestone is rare. If you love solid natural stone tub without spending time to maintain it, the Limestone bathtub is definitely your choice!

Limestone bathtub

Travertine bathtub-a historical sense stone bathtub

Travertine is a form of limestone deposited by mineral springs, especially hot springs. The youngest age of travertine stone is about 200,000 years. a typical granite is a thousand times older. Nature makes his fibrous or concentric appearance. Travertine was used in stone masonry dating back to the first dynasty of Egypt in 3200 BC. Travertine is softer than marble and extremely porous. Thus, you could feel the sense of age from a single travertine stone bathtub

When you soak your body in such a bathtub, It feels like a bathtub time-travel machine brings you back to thousands of years ago. Touch the surface of the stone tub will give you enough satisfaction about escaping a busy modern lifestyle.

Travertine carved stone bathtub is suitable for an indoor and outdoor bathroom. Usually a matt stone bathtub surface could bring you an outdoor spa feeling. A polished surface travertine stone tub brings modern sense for indoor bathroom design. The two photos below show stone tubs materials import from different areas, so the color is different. The lighter beige color travertine stone is from China. The darker beige color travertine comes from a quarry in Iran.

travertine bathtub

Egyption Beige Color marble bathtub A.K.A. Golden cream marble bathtub.

Golden cream marble A.K.A. Egyptian Beige marble stone bathtub, one of the most popular colors and materials. There is a varying degree of beige color, some quarry stones are light beige, some are golden cream.

Golden creamy stone bathtub

Either of the marble cost nature 60 million to 200 million years to design and produce. Marble bathtub looks stunning and expensive, but it can actually cost less than other kinds of bathtub. If you could choose from material and size.  

beige stone tub

Compare to the travertine and limestone bathtub, the marble bathtub is even more resistant to scratching. They are all stones, and exist from 200,000 years to several million years, of course, Neither of them won't break under your hand, thus I am talking about the surface.

A Marble polished bathtub surface would be easier to maintain and shining for many years before you polished it again. A travertine or limestone bathtub polished surface might keep shining for 4-8 years.

Photo below is Egyption beige color marble bathtub, the material is original from Egypt, then they carve this masterpiece from a stone block carefully.


5 different shapes of sandstone bathtub

The sandstone bathtub is one of the most sparkling bathtubs. Crafted from a single block of sandstone. 

oval sandstone bathtub

The lines and veins in the sandstone make it irresistible. It doesn't look like a stone bathtub, more of a wooden bathtub. But It's not, even though sandstone is the softest material among other stone material, but still, it is a hard solid heavy rock!

round stone bathtub


Because of its natural texture have so many clear veins inside the stone, there is another name of it: Mountains and Rivers stone bathtub. Sandstone was a popular fountain and statues material.

Papillon stone tub


Because it's relatively soft, so the best solution to carve a stone bathtub is to make it a honed surface or Matt tub surface. If you have a bright bathroom with contemporary style or minimalist style, or even a Scandinavian design style, a freestanding sandstone will make your bathroom like an art exhibition room.

small round bathtub

The 5 stone bathtubs below are different shape and size sandstone bathtub we made for clients worldwide. The sandstone material of each tub is from different countries and quarries.



What do you think? What if you bring one of this natural stone masterpiece back home? Yes, it's doable. Email us ask about the cost and shipping details to your place. We ship worldwide!

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