Natural Granite Bust

by Marblebee

Rekindle the spirit of the Renaissance with the Marble Bust of David. Immerse yourself in its artistry, history, and beauty – a testament to exceptional craftsmanship and the enduring legacy of one of the world's most celebrated sculptures.


The faithful reproduction of Michelangelo's iconic sculpture is meticulously crafted from premium white marble. This masterpiece stands as a testament to enduring quality, built to withstand the test of time and even the harshest weather conditions.


Step into the world of Renaissance art with the Marble Bust of David, a tribute to Michelangelo's genius. This sculpture recreates the famed bust of David, a work that originated between 1501 and 1504 by the hands of the Italian Renaissance master. The intricate facial expressions and nuanced features embody the essence of David's spirit, encapsulating a moment of heroic determination frozen in stone.

Where to Install

 This sculpture is perfect for making a striking impression in home gardens, welcoming   entryways, or along elegant walkways. Its ability to seamlessly blend with both modern   and traditional décor ensures its place as a timeless focal point.


The true allure of this sculpture lies in its lifelike carving details, mirroring the meticulous craftsmanship. The use of premium white marble adds to its classical beauty, capturing the essence of the original while allowing for a personal connection with a work of art that has transcended centuries.


We customize stone bust according to your garden or home space preferences on pre-order.

Shipping and Installation

We offer convenient shipping options to ensure that your ordered stone bust arrives safely at your doorstep. Our expert team is available to provide guidance and assistance during the installation process, ensuring a seamless and effortless installation.


Protect your stone bust by regularly cleaning it with a soft cloth and mild soap. Apply a stone sealer to prevent stains and weathering. Avoid harsh chemicals and direct sunlight.

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