Customize Natural Stone Bust

How to order a custom marble bust? How to choose a marble pedestal for your stone bust? What color could I choose from for a marble bust?

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Customize Natural Stone Bust

The human for always has been, and always will be, one of the ultimate pillars of human art. We have been entranced by the way both ourselves and others look for thousands of years, since before the recording of history, and it’s not all because of vanity either: our physicality produces an emotional language with the slightest of gestures: the tilt of a head, the tensing of a muscle, and the movement of a foot across the ground can tell us all we need to know about how a person is feeling.

Every twitch tells a story, and nowhere on the human body are these tiny details more abundant, or pronounced, than on our faces. It’s no wonder, then, that an entire subgenre of sculpture is dedicated to the isolation of the head and shoulders of a full statue: the bust, an iconic art form that can capture a person’s character for eternity.


Stone Bust of Michealngelo's David

Michelangelo sculpted Marble Statue of David at the dawn of the 16th century, and people have been talking about it consistently ever since. Like most of Michelangelo’s Renaissance masterpieces, David can be examined in detail at about any point with something significant to show for it, but you’re not going to see many isolated replicas of his wrists or his kneecaps.

No, it is his face which is here emphasized on display by itself, as he looks fiercely at Rome (the statue was specifically positioned in that geographical direction when it was first exhibited) to tell them that their political tyranny over the artist’s home of Florence at the time was not being taken lightly.

Here's a fun fact about this marble bust: the object you may have noticed draped over David’s shoulder is in fact the visible part of the sling he used to slay the monstrous Goliath in the famous legend.

Not only is this an interesting mythological tidbit, but it also demonstrates the unwavering precision with which these replicas are built directly from the original David marble statue.


Human physicality isn’t the only muse of a great sculptor: the inanimate has always been fascinating for visual artists, in the way that they can appear alive, ironically, when forever frozen in time, their movements captured permanently.

Customize Marble Bust --Skillful Sculptor 

The first figure’s marble bust exquisitely rendered hood and cloak transport us back into the moment the marble sculpture was carved: indeed, back to the moment the sculptor themselves was looking back to for their creation. We can almost feel the wind ruffling his hood, pulled back partway to allow the heat of the sun on his face; It's hard to imagine such delicate display came from a Natural stone Sculpture it was a warm, temperate day, but his stern face suggests that all was still not well. 

The second figure of Marble bust, on the other hand, may as well come from an entirely different world. From the beautiful natural stone bust, we could find the ruffles on her coat and the elaborate feather in her angle-tipped hat all suggest a well-to-do woman living possibly hundreds of years after the hooded man.-Marble bust of a women

Her ornate outfit does not have the same lively rippling texture as the man’s simple robe, but if we were to pick up and move this marble bust, we may catch ourselves expecting her feather to start swaying about!


Use different Marble color to create a stone bust

Nothing makes a marble sculpture spring to life like color. You may almost forget that this stone bust is made of marble when its so engrossed in the colors of its clothing, skin, eyes, and turban.

Natural white marble doesn’t do much to reflect light, which often gives it a majestic, ethereal visual quality… however, it also makes it less lifelike, even though its anatomy may be perfectly realized.

This colored stone work of the marble bust, however, more closely resembles skin in the way it shines with its light source. That, plus the careful coloring of the shirt and collar, makes the artificial natural stone building materials disappear underneath a natural stone sculpture of true character and emotion.

Would the intensity of this stone bust’s knowing gaze hit quite as hard if all of the details of the face were a monochrome beige? Perhaps not. With the pupils highlighted within the eyes, this marble sculpture conveys what feels like an entire lifetime of experience. The sculptor may have captured this human drama in their stonework, but the colors truly set it free.



Fabric isn’t the only kinetic element of a marble sculpture that can give it a sense of life. Ancient Greek artists were among the first Westerners to apply “informal” postures to their subjects, making them seem looser, more natural, like a specific moment in time had been captured instead of a simple visual representation of the person in general.

Look here how this marble bust’s head is tilted as if the subject is examining something, or in deep contemplation. So much more personality is shown with such a small detail, compared to the same figure if, for example, he was looking straight ahead with squared shoulders.

Marble Bust and Its Marble Pedestal-Stone pillar or Marble Column

Of course, with something as eye-catching and unique as a well-made marble bust, it can be easy to forget the forest for the trees, when in truth, the structure the marble bust is displayed on can have just as strong of an effect as the stone bust itself.

Marble bust stands on a stone pillar:

A stone figure elevated by a stone pillar, marble column, or similar structure is granted additional weight and dignity than one perhaps placed on a table or desk. When the bust’s stand is a part of its design and inherent in the overall sculpture, it creates an effect of nobility, as the figure seems to be standing on its own, independent of other elements in the room.

Furthermore, the geometry of a relatively thin column emphasizes the scope of the bust and draws more attention to it, making this marble bust seem larger and more important, by its proportions alone.

The subject of the stone bust can be just as important as the artistry that went into making it: that’s why Marblebee offers custom-made busts created to order from reference photographs! As incredible as it sounds, you can have your own hand-carved marble bust of a loved one within two months of submission!


How to order a custom-made Natural Stone Bust?

Here’s how it works: first, a preliminary draft of the sculpture will be carved from clay according to the reference photo you submit.

This clay bust can then be adjusted according to your feedback, so that when work on the natural marble stone block begins, everything will be perfectly to your liking.

The vast variety of different kinds of marble offers a wide palette of colors to choose from, so your custom bust can spring to life and its subject can be commemorated and memorialized for all time.

Marble Column Pedestal for a Stone Bust:

Don’t forget the stand! Most busts come with their own marble base support, and can be set on tables or other appropriate stands. However, you can also order an accompanying marble column to lend your bust additional gravitas.

Our stone bust pedestals are as painstakingly crafted and customizable as any of our other marble sculptures, and they come in a wide array of different styles… including your own!

A natural stone bust can be a significant addition to your art collection for a dazzling list of reasons: its depiction of raw human emotion; its texture and sense of immortalized movement; its technical prowess and sense of physics and anatomy; its color and vibrancy.

All of these combine into an exceptional detailed study of what may arguably be the most important part of any human-subject sculpture: the face.

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