Best Life-Size Horse Statues for Your Garden Landscape

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Best Life-Size Horse Statues for Your Garden Landscape

The horse is one of the most beautiful and striking animals in the animal kingdom. They are gentle, fast, elegant and majestic. For any horse lover, a stunning horse statue for the garden landscape is like a blessing. Having a life-size horse statue in your home or backyard can be a decent and value addition.

Horse statues and figurines are can instantly turn your outdoor space into a relaxing haven. They add greatly to the beauty of any surroundings they are put in and lighten the atmosphere. For centuries, humans have been intrigued by the beauty of horses and have created some of the most incredible pieces of art.

There is a wide range of horse statues for sale that can beautify your space. You can find horse statues for sale that are made in different materials such as marble and bronze. There are standing horse sculptures, sitting and running horse statues available for your garden design.

If you are planning to purchase a piece of décor for your house, it is recommended that you browse for the best horse statues. You must consider your available space and your budget before buying outdoor statues. Be it any horse sculpture or statue, we can customize each design for you in marble. Here are some of the best horse statues.

Bronze statue of horse head

Garden Bronze Horse Head Sculpture

A big horse statue is magnificent, but the isolated head of grazing bronze horse has a powerful view. It weirdly stands convincingly for the rest of the animal’s body – the use of a small part fully expresses the existence of the whole. The bronze statue horse head is inclined on an angle towards the ground, with a subtle expression on the animal’s face, which gives a vision of the full view of the bronze horse grazing in an open field. The sculptor has skillfully chiseled the eyes and the muscles on the horse head.

White marble horse statue


White Horse Stone Sculpture

This is hand-crafted from solid marble blocks, this galloping marble horse statue is a brilliant piece to incorporate into your space. The life-size horse sculpture is made from white marble and has been captured in a running posture. For anyone who loves horses, this white horse statue would be a worthy investment to your outdoor landscape and house. The animal symbolizes passion, freedom, power, endurance and beauty. It comes with a matching pedestal and can be displayed both indoor and outdoor.

Life-Size Black Horse Stone Sculpture

Black Horse Stone Sculpture

The running horse poses quite a powerful image and can evoke the sense of beauty and power. It is a best quality natural stone garden horse statue that is hand-carved meticulously. The life-size black animal sculpture can be custom made in any size and shape to perfectly fit into your space and design. It is an elegant design that is suitable for a contemporary home and garden. With a shiny, smooth body, this galloping horse statue comes with a matching black pedestal.

Life size stone sculpture on sale from Marblebee

Life Size Stone Sculpture

Hand-carved from natural white marble, this gorgeous life-size marble horse statue with a warrior riding on it will create an aura of flawless exquisiteness and freedom. The best quality natural garden statue can be customized in any shape and size to suit your available space and design. It can incorporate a delicate yet powerful sense of elegance in a modern home and garden landscape. The statue has been chiseled perfectly and comes with a matching pedestal.

Design Toscano Trotting Thoroughbred Horse Cast Bronze Garden Statue

Bronze Horse Statue

This trotting horse cast bronze garden statue is a beautiful addition to your backyard. It is a perfect pick for you if you are looking for some cool outdoor horse statues for sale. This chocolate color cast bronze statue is almost 4-feet-tall. It will bring the charm of the Wild West to your home or garden setting. It has a stunning hand-applied multidimensional color-washed sepia patina. This cast and crafted piece has a traditional lost wax method. You can also get this in marble in any size.

Metal Horse Statue

Metal Horse Statue

This life-size statue of a horse is made out of marble and is polished in white to offer exquisiteness and durability. It can be custom made in any size and color to fit into your available space and landscape design. Weighing around 200 pounds, the white horse statue stands tall at 68-inches and 77-inches long. It can deliver a distinct aesthetic to your backyard layout.


Drinking Horse Bronze Statue

The horse is a symbol of grace, strength and beauty. This drinking bronze horse statue depicts a stunningly majestic, powerful creature lowering its head to drink or graze. It is created using the traditional lost-wax casting method, an artistic method that goes back thousands of years, which ensures the highest level of detail and quality in the piece. The statue is finished with a lustrous Bronze Patina that highlights every small detail in it.  You can get the same structure and design in marble as well.


Rearing Horse Sculpture

This beautiful Mustang statue looks like it has descended from the majestic herds that once roamed freely in the wide plains of Spain. This rearing horse statue is for sale and is made with a textured skin that really brings a very much life-like quality to it. It is finished in the bronze patina that ensures proper protection from the elements of the weather. This timeless piece will enhance and complement the beauty of your outdoor space instantly.


Pony Sculpture

This lively, life-sized pony statue is made from beautiful lost-wax cast bronze that brilliantly captures the essence of this graceful animal. It has been skillfully carved and features terrific muscle tone detailing. You can have this beautiful creature placed in your garden landscape. It measures 54”x12”x42”H and looks very life-like in classic smooth bronze patina finish which means that this statue can resist the elements of the weather and grace you outdoors for years to come.

Life Size Fiberglass Horse for Sale, Outdoor Garden Decoration

Horse Statue for Sale

This white horse statue for sale is the most spectacular piece you can display in your garden. Made from fiberglass, this life-size creature is standing majestically and you can have it in your outdoor space. You can have it custom made in marble, and in any other color and size to suit your design layout. This statue stands 213 centimeters tall and 252 centimeters long. It is weatherproof, therefore, will beautify your space for years to come.

Stallion Horse 47" Garden Animal Statue

Stallion Horse Statue

Crafted in beautiful details, this stallion horse statue will make a delightful addition to your outdoor space. The brown hue of the creature blends perfectly into the space. It is made from fiber stone and finished with sandstone. It weighs around 50 pounds and measures 12”x51”x47”. It has been beautifully handcrafted with intricate details and features an elegant finish to enhance the look of your home.

Stallion Horse 47 Garden Animal Statue

Garden Horse Statue

Stunningly sculpted in subtle detail, this white garden horse statue is a wonderful addition to any outdoor space such as a garden or backyard. It measures 12”x51”x47”, and weighs about 50 pounds. Made from fiberglass material, this statue features an antique stone finish. The white sculpture has been skillfully handcrafted with intricate detail and a graceful finish.

Running Horse Statue

Running Horse Statue

Running horses make a wonderful sight to behold. They look powerful, free, majestic and just spectacular out there galloping through the wild. While you cannot always find running horses, you can always install a running horse statue in your outdoor space to uplift your spirits. This white statue has been made of fiberglass and finished with expert craftsmanship to elevate your style quotient. It weighs 17 pounds and measures 32”x7”x26”.

Ferrari Horse Bronze Statue Medium - Size: 28"L x 11"W x 40"H.

Bronze Galloping Horse Statue

This medium-sized bronze horse statue is carved as jumping on the two hind legs mounted on a bronze base. It weighs 51 pounds and measures 28”x11”x40”. This running horse statue is made from bronze using the lost wax process of bronze casting finished in a gorgeous multi-colored patina that highlights the exceptionally mesmerizing detail and makes a durable addition.

 Trotting Bronze Horse Statue

 Trotting Bronze Horse Statue

Have you ever seen a handsome horse trotting around in the wild? It just looks mesmerizing. With this trotting bronze horse statue, your outdoor space will get the instant splash of the charm of the Wild West to your garden landscape. It measures 57”x26”x47” and weighs 119 pounds. The statue boasts a beautiful hand-applied multidimensional color-washed sepia patina. It has been cast and crafted in the traditional lost wax method.

Garden Horse Statue

Garden Horse Statue

This white horse statue weighs 14 pounds and measures 22”x9”x22”. This tiny garden statue looks like a small pony. It will be a great addition to your outdoor space and can also be placed inside your home. It is made of fiberglass and finished with expert craftsmanship. It has been hand-crafted in stunning detail, making it a perfect piece to elevate the design quotient of your garden landscape.

Rearing Bronze Horse Statue

Rearing Bronze Horse Statue

This mid-size, beautiful metallic stallion will look absolutely amazing in your outdoor space. The majestic bronze horse will add to your equine-style theme. It has been designed with two front hooves up in the air, while the rear legs are firmly planted on a small metal pedestal. It weighs 300 pounds and measures 22”x46”x59”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it good to keep horse statue at home?

A: Installing a horse statue is considered good for your well-being. A horse symbolizes happiness, prosperity, speed, perseverance, loyalty, strength and success. They represent energy that inspires to keep on moving ahead in life.

Q: What does horse statue symbolize?

A: Horse statue symbolizes cheerfulness, prosperity, speed, determination, loyalty, power and success. They represent a moving energy that inspires you to constantly move ahead in your life.

Q: Where do you put a running horse statue?

A: As running horse animal figurine is considered a symbol of power, wisdom and strength. You can place it in the south area of your space; it will bring you prosperity and good fortune.

Q: Where to buy a marble horse statue?

A: There are many manufacturers that provide stunning marble horse statues that you can order for purchase online once you have figured what you want. You can also get in touch with Marbleism to customize a statue according to your available space and design requirements.

Q: How much does a marble horse statue cost?

A: Depending on size, a life-size marble horse statue can cost somewhere between $2000 and $5000. The cost involves artistic time, warehouse space, engineering and administration. Prices can range from $10,000 to $20,000.

Q: How much does a bronze horse statue cost?

A: The cost of a bronze horse depends mostly on size, but a life size bronze horse sculpture can cost from $2000-$5000.

Q: Is bronze sculpture expensive?

A: A bronze sculpture can be quite expensive. The art of casting metal can be more than half the value of the finished artwork.

Q: How long will bronze statues last?

A: One of the most brilliant qualities of bronze material is that they can last centuries with a little care and maintenance. Keep the statue clean by dusting it with a soft cloth, soft shoe brush or the nozzle brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner.

Q: How can you tell if a bronze statue is real?

A: It can be a bit tricky if are not familiar with the material. While buying a bronze statue, make sure you check for the authenticity of the material. Check the metal’s color by scratching the patina, real bronze has a reddish-gold hue. However, as there are variations in the portion of the elements of the alloy, tints do range from yellowish to onyx. If the color is more of a blackish hue or matted, you should be alarmed.

If you want to install a marble horse statue, any of above horse sculptures, Stone statues with lamp postStone Plant PotGarden Marble BenchStone sculpture Life-Size dancing girlsGarden sculpture of dancing girlsLarge Lion with wings sculptureSunset Red Stone Bench for Backyard, or Life size statue Nap in Gardens in your outdoor space, get in touch with us. We have the expert craftsmen who can customize any of the above listed horse statue designs in marble for you. Just send in your design and size requirements to us. We would love to customize a marble statue of your choice for your dream home. Don’t worry about the marble quality, we deliver best quality marble products.




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