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It’s time to show a little love to your garden, and make it a beautiful paradise adding the accessories that will leave a remarkable impact. There are so many things you can do, however an impression that a large marble sculpture or statue can make is unmatched.

A classic marble statue creates a focal point in your garden, and you can plant your plants and make a sitting arrangement around it, and believe us; that’s the right way you do it to make your garden an unforgettable delight.

A beautiful marble sculpture or marble statue even helps you in keeping your garden interesting during winter. As it is the right time to take a call to remodel your yard, here we have got you some tips on how to do this with different-styled marble sculptures, placed at different corners or at the center of your yard.  We hope you’ll find these tips useful.

Create a focal point inserting a striking marble sculpture

The best way to make your garden look inviting is to introduce a focal point. You can easily do this by inserting a stunning marble sculpture or statue with a water feature in the middle of your yard or an area of plants that you particularly want to emphasize and bring interest to.

marble column

Since garden sculptures cannot be viewed as separate from its surrounding, it is important to choose a design that suits your plants, pathways, seating and the garden cabin you already have.

Sculpture of Killing Medusa

The first sculpture that still is everyone’s favorite from the ancient time is the sculpture of killing Medusa. The statue from Greek mythology became a symbol of women anger, because the gaze of Medusa turned all into stone that looked at her. The artwork depicts the killing of Medusa.

Perseus beheaded Medusa while she was sleeping, and to do that he guided himself by her reflection in a shield given to him by Athena. The Greek ancient killing of Medusa sculpture says a lot about masculine victory and feminine anger.

Killing medusa-copper statue

Marble statue of a beautiful angel

You can also have this angel marble statue to spread the positivity, love, and the sense of happiness and wealth in your garden. The angel looks so relaxed amid any landscaping setting, as if she is enjoying the beauty of nature, and absorbing everything positive inside that is around. 

marble bespoke marble sculpture

Stone sculpture of a hunting eagle

If you have a vision in life to reach somewhere, always want to find something to represent your heart than this Hunting Eagle Sculpture is certainly what you need to put in your garden as a centerpiece. This sculpture is amazing to place in an area that you particularly want to highlight and bring attention to.

eagle marble sculpture

A stone garden bench to add comfort and class

Placing a sculptural marble seating in your yard at the right spot will not only bring comfort but also contribute to create a focal point. A garden without a comfort sitting can’t create those blessed moments to breathe in the glories of the landscape.

You need a comfortable seating to enjoy all the hard work you have done so far to make your garden a colorful paradise.  A marble bench with ancient carvings solves the purpose. It provides not just the functional response but also inner pleasure to enjoy with ease.

stone bench

Add a water feature: 3-tier fountain

With a marble sculpture you can insert a little extra to your gardens, by creating an interesting water feature, like a 3-tier marble fountain. It’s a great idea to attract birds, squirrels, hummingbirds and beautiful wildlife to your yard. It is one of the top five garden trends today, and you can try it to make your garden a unique oasis. It’s definitely a great idea for nature lovers.   

marble fountain 3 tier

Sculpture that holds lighting for you looks marvelous

Obviously, you would want to add lighting in your yard to enjoy the panoramic view at night. You can easily do this by adding different-styled garden pole lights, but to add an element of beauty; you can insert a marble sculpture that holds lights for you. It will make your garden visually stunning at night, as well as transform it with style and artistry. You have a lot of choices to pick from, just choose one that matches your seating, walkways, and plants.  

Introduce garden columns to make your yard awe-inspiring

You can instantly uplift the ambiance of your garden by adding marble garden columns. You can put them in the boundaries of your garden, preferably in a lane to create an even and ornamental look. 

Consider white marble garden columns to create a striking impact with luxury appeal. You can also set the wonderful vibes choosing black marble columns to make your garden look classic and eye-catching.


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