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Is there anything quite like the sight of power at rest? A classical Greek figure lounges luxuriously on a hammock that could exist two thousand years ago, or today, and it is truly ironic that such a relaxed, unassuming pose could present such a sophisticated challenge to a sculptor.

Greco Roman Goddesses


Marble Sculpture of Sleeping Goddess

An amazing marble sculpture of a resting Goddess. The haphazard sheets, hanging loosely underneath; the crisscrossed threads of the hammock of this stone sculpture, strained under the woman’s casual weight; and of course, the woman herself in this masterpiece, in a perfectly captured moment of aesthetic realism.

It’s a snapshot of ancient naturalism of stone sculpture that harkens back to the Italian Renaissance, where great mythical figures were presented at their most startingly normal and human!

 Life sized marble depiction of Hera


Stone Statue of Hera

This garden statue appears to be a life-sized marble depiction of Hera, the goddess of childbirth. She may be the matriarch of the world, but her husband, Zeus, is unfortunately not much of a father himself.

Here we see in Hera's marble sculpture, Hera’s children (who may be her direct descendants, or perhaps just a part of the human race over which she has magical dominion) clinging to her adoringly, while she stands contrapposto, leaning to one side, both stable and at ease. From this stone sculpture, the same intricate stone craftsmanship can be seen in the details of her flowing marble robes.

 stone statue of Greek Woman


Stone Statue of lovely lady

Sometimes loneliness can be calming. Take for example this Greek stone statue of a lone woman looking melancholy but not necessarily sad. The bundle in her arm makes her look as if she’s in the middle of some kind of errand, bringing something home or perhaps delivering an item for sale, but she seems distracted from it. Greek legends are famous for their profound human tragedies, and this marble statue looks like it has captured one of them for all time.

Life size sculptures 


Life-sized sculpture of Greek woman

There are few things more striking than a fully-realized life-sized sculpture. The only way to top it is to put the statue on a pedestal! This lively ancient Greek woman looks carefree and confident as she carries a pot almost recklessly in one strong hand.

In this white marble life-sized sculpture, her free-flowing hair and her loose-hanging clothes show an assurance that looks all the more imposing as she towers above on her platform: a grand combination of the mythic and the ordinary. But anyone who looks up to see her looming above them wouldn’t feel intimidated or overpowered: they would feel in awe at both the majesty of the woman and the feats of the marble sculptor.

 Life size statue



Life-sized Greco-Roman stone statue

For a more rustic, antiquated look, you could do a lot worse than this life-sized Greco-Roman statue of a woman reclining with an angel. The coloration of the marble gives the sculpture the appearance of great age, which makes the subject of the statue all the more memorable as she peers out clearly at us through time.

The cherubic angel, who appears to be wielding a bounty of fruit, makes the sculpture seem even more peaceful, even as the woman appears sharply aware of what’s going on around her… the result could be placed anywhere on your property for an effect of sophisticated relaxation.

Marble sculpture for sale

Western art Marble Sculptures

Childlike angels and succulent fruit are very common themes in Western art, especially in marble sculptures. Many of these marble sculptures that we have for sale feature women posing with fruit or children.

Here we have what appears to be a maternal figure with a cherub at her feet, although since cherubs are supernatural religious figures, it may very well be the child who is protecting the adult!

They both hold bunches of grapes aloft, to demonstrate how bountiful such a pure companionship is: as a life-sized sculpture, this marble statue infuses whatever location it is displayed in with a sense of health and plenty for all who see it.

Marble Sculptures 

Stone Statue of girl standing on a crescent moon

For a different type of marble sculpture, look no further than this enchanting stone statue of a woman standing on a mystical crescent moon, clouds piling at her feet.

This fantastical image is a surreal portrait of godliness which will give any room or garden a sense of adventure. Imagine giving her a spotlight which makes her look truly otherworldly… yet even as she appears divine, her stance is still very human, very casual.

It is almost within the realm of possibility for a person to be and feel like this… the beauty of these mythological figures is their constant humanity no matter their divine deeds!

statue of greek girl


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