How to maintain a marble bathtub

All tips you need to know about how to maintain a stone bathtub, how to install a stone bathtub and how to choose stone tub drain size.

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How to maintain a marble bathtub

Everyone will fall in love with a shining brand new marble bathtub, but what will happen ten years later?

If you get an acrylic bathtub or a porcelain bathtub, you will need to hire a company to demolish and replace it by then. But a marble bathtub will never get old If you properly maintain it.

stone tub

To keep your marble bathtub always shining doesn't cost much time and energy. Once a year, 10 minutes.

Waxing a stone bathtub:

Just like waxing a car, you could wax your marble bathtub by yourself.

black stone tub

Don't worry, we are not wax tub as often as a car. Once a year, or even less, depending on how much do you like bubble bath. If you bubble bath every day, then once a year of 10 minutes waxing is enough. If you don't like using bath salt, you could wax it every three years. Any decent brand of marble wax will work!

Sealing the marble tub

You probably heard you need to seal a marble tub surface. First, Marblebee ltd. will seal it with professional-grade sealer before ship to you. so you don't need to worry about sealing it for the first three years. Second, Waxing is sealing. Marble is a natural stone, after a few years of service, the surface of the stone will have minor cracks. That's how it loses its shining surface. If you like the antique style, you could just live it like that. But a marble bathtub will never leak, never!

white tub

Polish the stone tub

Generally, If you wax your marble tub every three years, you will never need to polish it. Unless you have never waxed your marble tub for 20 years, then one day you want a shining new tub, oh wait, remember? It's a natural stone, so stop searching a new bathtub and waste money on demolish the old one, install a new one. Buy a small sander, polish the surface of the stone tub and then wax it. Ta-da! You have a shining new marble bathtub!

white rectangular tub

In a nutshell, Once a year with marble wax to seal your tub ten minutes, you will keep your bathtub shining forever.

It is a natural stone. one day, you will find your house looks old, but the stone bathtub will still shine.

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