Lion head statue v.s.Marble wall decoration

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Lion head statue v.s.Marble wall decoration

A blank sheet of paper may appear outwardly uninteresting, but to an artist, it is a canvas of unlimited possibilities. In fact, any blank, open space can act as a canvas for some medium.

An empty yard could fill a landscaper’s head with excitement; writers will pay money for a book with nothing yet inside of it. Negative space might seem boring at first, but that’s only because it hasn’t been taken full advantage of yet.

And what is a better example of an open, untouched space than a blank wall? Some people may try to spice such a plain surface up with an interesting coat of paint, or wallpaper. But a savvy homeowner should try to expand their options and perhaps attempt something a bit heavier, a bit more daring. And nothing is more daring than a solid stone wall mounted sculpture.

Marble relief? Marble Lion statue wall decoration? White Marble Elephant head stone statue? Immediately drawing the eye, both because of its impressive artistic effort and its relatively uncommon status as a civilian item for art lovers who are not necessarily collectors or curators.

Marble Lion head or Marble Elephant Head stone wall mounts suggest a power that is both unrestrained in its glory and carefully delicate in its artistic execution: the strength of natural stone with the precision of the sculptor, all set above the ground where it may seem to extend from the wall like an emanating figure, or hover up high like a spirit.

There are untold varieties of marble sculptures fit to be presented as a wall mount, but the two most popular types would probably be the marble animal head and the marble mural relief (a relief being a special kind of “2.5-dimensional” sculpture with figures carved into a solid background, as if being raised from the flat surface from which they were carved from a natural stone slab).

Animal-themed wall mounts obviously take their inspiration from old-fashioned hunting trophies, which have fallen greatly out of style over the last century or so. Despite the inherent beauty of a conquered game animal—or perhaps because of it—such displays are nowadays seen as cruel or inhumane… yet the striking appearance of nature’s greatest beasts remains, eternally fascinated in the human heart. And on the practical side, marble stone animal head is a lot less dangerous when encountered out in the wild.


White Marble Elephant Head Sculpture wall decoration

The weights of various big game animal crowns are not common knowledge, but it’s hard to argue the infrastructural practicality of a mounted marble elephant head carved from white natural marble stone versus a real one.

This wondrous solid stone elephant sculpture can be customized to order, and our skilled craftsmen can decide things like the angle of the head, the appearance (or presence) of the headdress, the size of the piece, and more, to make it just as majestic as the real thing.

Here, the mighty marble elephant bows its great head, as if its own power and majesty are a burden that it must carry. Such a paradoxically submissive pose makes the elephant seem more like a guardian or protector than a beast of war, although indeed, in ancient times, those two roles may have had plenty of overlap depending on the circumstances.

Either way, the elephant has always held a distinctive role among famous animals as being a beast that is both mightily strong, as well as strikingly intelligent and sensitive. Display this white natural stone elephant head sculpture in an important place to keep a comforting watch over the important things in your life.

White Marble Lion head sculpture on the wall

If you consider all of the different lion characters throughout literature, in high fantasy, in children’s stories, in adventure movies, you will notice that lions, while always depicted as kingly, powerful figures, can embody a lot of different personalities, serve many different purposes, even fight on different sides in the eternal battle of good and evil.

So if you decide to mount a noble hand-carved stone lion’s head onto the wall of your home or establishment, you have only made the first choice in a thoughtful list of varieties.

For example, this natural stone lion head sculpture’s arched eyebrows and relatively small mouth make him less intimidating, even a bit goofier than other depictions of such a famous creature. But of course, plenty of funny, approachable lions populate human culture, and among such lions, lots of them were no less powerful despite their gentle attitude.

Additionally, you may notice that this marble sculpture of lion head is a bit flatter, with less definition and detail, than others might be. While this could be a drawback depending on your personal preference, it also features a benefit in that such sculptures are more receptive of customized coloration.

Imagine how many different subtleties this stone lion face can be imbued with depending on a careful choice of color!


A variety of Marble Lion Heads 

For a more detailed visage, these two additional varieties of marble lion heads offer different stylistic approaches. For one thing, it is easy to notice that the ratio of the marble lion’s face size to their mane has shrunk, resulting in a depiction that is a bit more aggressive and perhaps even more frightening.

Then, of course, the bared teeth and more meticulous stonework make the lion come to life in a more immediate way. You could even say the previous lion, with his smaller face and relatively gentle expression, is more reminiscent of a cartoon lion than a real one. Both styles have their place depending on the intention of the interior designer, and the occupants of the room the mount is to be installed in.

It's also impossible to deny the critical element of lighting and shadow when choosing between, and later displaying, these various mounted marble lion heads. Notice how the angle of the lighting in the images provided can so drastically heighten the dramatic effect of the presentation.

Placing these marble lion head sculptures, for example, above a fireplace, could imbue them with a flickering illumination and life all of their own, amplifying the details of the stone craftsmanship and making the marble sculpture feel more lifelike regardless of (and often thanks to) the stylized liberties taken by the artist.


 Limestone lion head wall faucet

This limestone lion head wall mount further demonstrates the spectrum of styles that such a singular artistic subject can have. Note that although the mane is even further reduced in size compared to the face, that it almost appears as a head of hair and beard that a human man could have, making it more anthropomorphic.

It has a “storybook” quality that is approachable to children: you can almost imagine this limestone lion head as an illustration in a young reader’s fantasy story.

Additionally, the distance between the eyes also matters: in biology, creatures with eyes close together, facing forward, are often predators zooming in on their prey with singular focus, while animals with eyes further apart are gifted a wider range of vision to escape from danger, as they are prey themselves.

Our human instincts have remembered this fact, and as a result, we automatically see faces with far-set eyes as less threatening, more personable. This is why this particular carved limestone lion’s head has a more magical, whimsical appearance than the others: instinctive anatomical properties dating back to long before the dawn of human civilization!

Last but not least about this limestone lion's head is the faucet from it's mouth. Yes, you could make it a wall fountain faucet. Limestone lion's head faucet is commonly used in garden wall fountain.

Similarly anthropomorphic and humanlike, but fiercer and more aggressive, this is a marble-carved lion with a subtly different emotional tone. More realistic than the previous “storybook” lion, but still quite animated and fantastical, the best way to describe this mysterious character would be “mythological.”

This white marble lion's head wall sculpture appears to be ancient, yet still in his prime, like some sort of immortal figure in a magical legend, filled with critical information for a hero on some all-important quest. It is easy to imagine this beast as some epic figure in a grand tapestry, due to his larger-than-life personality, his powerful visage, and his blend of human and animal characteristics.

It truly seems like the white stone lion may be speaking to you, with the way his mouth is articulated, and the complex emotional expression carved into his face by our expert sculptors.

The way this stone lion's head is slightly tilted, as if in the middle of an emphatic statement, with that blazing look in his eyes, suggests that whatever he may be telling you, it’s probably something important.

Further cementing the lion’s marble status as a mythical being beyond a mere beast, this special natural stone lion wall mounted head comes complete with a stunning Mesoamerican border pattern that compliments the wild curls of his mane with the iconic geometry of pre-colonial western art.

The rugged, earthy brown color of the natural stone also amplifies this aesthetic of an ancient, unearthed artifact. Since lions are not native to the Americas, certainly not in the pre-Columbian era, this marble wall mount, which we now may take for granted, would be utterly baffling to collectors as recently as a few centuries ago.

The forward-facing stone lion head , framed by such an elegant, precise pattern, seems to blend into the overall design as some sort of symbol, thanks to his symmetry and an undeniable iconography all his own.

Historically, the two visual themes have little, if anything, to do with one another, as they developed an ocean apart, isolated geographically for thousands of years as the two respective cultures, East and West, developed independent of one another.

However, combining them still produced potent results, as viewers are still familiar with both the might of the marble lion head and the advanced grandeur of the ancient Mayan civilization, and the combination results in a very powerful image.

Marble mural Relief

But ornate wall mounted sculptures need not always have animal themes. In fact, wouldn’t it only make sense that the most intricate and beautiful mounted stone pieces boast a multitude of various different subjects? This wide-set natural stone mural features an entire cast of characters set upon a backdrop of twirling vines and luscious fruit.

Flanked by two guards who appear aloof to the drama as they attend to their duties as sentinels, the scene invokes a Shakespearean forest comedy, such as the fairy-centered antics of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, as the diminutive figures in the center find themselves surrounded by the taller characters who seem to be in charge, or at least acting like it.

The scene of this marble relief is of the classical Greco-Roman relief style, one of the most widely recognized and practiced traditions in the world, and the mural format suits it well for its simulation of a theatrical production.

Thanks to the immense density of the imagery and the detail in the expert stonework, a marble mural relief like this can be custom-built on any of various scales from small picture-sized pieces to a massive room-filling extravaganza.

As you look more and more closely at the marble mural, the dazzling array of tiny details begin and then continue to make themselves known: the patient animals among the feet of the larger people; the tiny cherub perched on his stump, playing his flute; the crisscrossing tree branches in the background; the overturned baskets on the floor, further cementing that we are witnessing a scene in the mist of some tense dramatic action.

Whether they are epic visions of beasts, or complex diagrams of some ancient drama, the theatricality of these marble stone wall mounts seem to be eternally in motion despite their obvious stone stillness.

Their personalities, emotions, and intentions all culminate into decisive stories told within a single moment forever captured by the sculptor: the ultimate goal of any visual artist. And with the limitless potential that comes with our customization options, there’s no end to the powerful stories you can tell with these stone pieces.

People mount and exhibit paintings on walls without a second thought: it is common practice. But why stop there? For as long as humans have walked the earth, we have progressed art by taking what is normal or common, asking ourselves “what if?” and then pushing the concept further. Displaying paintings around the house is what’s common… so why not push it further and challenge the idea of what kind of art can be hung around the house? Large marble mounts and murals are typically displayed in museums or in exceptionally lavish exhibits, but now you can order custom sculptures to be enjoyed anywhere you want them to be!

Take full advantage of this new age of art creation and distribution by hosting such opulent marble pieces in your home or business, where they never could have been seen before.

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