Stone bathtub drain and overflow

Customized stone bathtub drain size and overflow. Best solution for Stone bathtub drain and overflow problem.

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Stone bathtub drain and overflow

A natural freestanding stone bathtub weighs from 350kg to 800kg. So, How can I install overflow to a stone tub? How to make sure the drain size and drain connection are right? Here is the tips for installation of a freestanding natural stone bathtub, especially about drain issue and overflow issues.

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Choose the right size of drain hole

Tubing that connects the overflow and tub drain is an unknown area for you to design your tub. Questions like what size of the drainpipe should I choose to match the tub? Can I use the new Kohler slotted overflow bath drain because it looks so solid!

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The answer is yes, for sure! You can make any of your design ideas became a reality with us. Do you want to use a floor-mounted bathtub faucet or a slotted overflow bath drain? Go ahead!

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Different standard size of drain hole

Pro Tips 1

Different countries or provinces have different local plumbing codes. Check with your plumber or bathroom designer before purchasing a drain online. ( For instance, some municipal plumbing codes require an overflow to a tub and some don't.)

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Pro Tips: 2

If you are going to DIY your own stone bathtub and marble tubs installation, here are the right steps: a), find the perfect bathtub online. b) contact the company ask about the overflow depth of the tub, drain shoe length of the tub, and tub height. c) Searching the right size of the overflow and drain tubing according to the bathtub online. Or, Go to contact every bathtub company and ask about what is their tub drain size, try to find a match with your old tubing system?

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Customize the size of the drain and overflow is time-saving.

It sounds like will cost you one thousand hours, right?
Let's make it simple and fast.
No matter what tubing system do you have, or which new solid brand overflow drain tubs you want to use. Send us your need. We will take care of that for you.

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Every stone bathtub is customized. Not only in size and shape, weight and thickness, but also the small details like drain size and overflow shape. We will prepare the overflow hole as you need, slotted, round? as you wish!

Email our Stone Expert to ask about more of Stone bathtub Design, Stone bathtub types,How to buy a stone bathtub, How is the maintain of the bathtub.How is the delivery and shipping cost. 

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