Wonderful Stone Garden Décor Ideas to Spruce up Your Outdoors

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Wonderful Stone Garden Décor Ideas to Spruce up Your Outdoors

Your home's garden is a mirror of your style statement and an essential element when it comes to adding value to your home. If you have a garden and want to jazz up the landscaping, introducing stylish stone elements can be a good way to go. Beautiful stone accents come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, and can symbolize peace and balance.

The stone garden décor adds an attractive and earthy element to your garden space and blends flawlessly in the existing landscape design. You can incorporate beautiful stone décor pieces such as planters, statues, and water features to enhance your garden ambiance. All you need to do is find the suitable pieces for your available space and existing landscape design. Here are some wonderful stone garden décor ideas to dazzle up your outdoors.

1. Stone Planters

Garden stone planter
Stone Planter and flowers make everything pretty and the planters in which you grow those flowers can do more so. Stone containers - be it concrete planters or stone pots - are extremely durable and well suited when it comes to installing them as a permanent fixture for your outdoor space. Stone planters are a great addition to your garden landscape as they are weather-proof, meaning they can withstand the elements of nature without bearing any sort of damage.
They are frost-proof, which makes them unbreakable under cold temperatures. Besides, they are sturdy, making them a good feature for windy areas where plastic planters can be knocked down easily. If you want, you can paint these fixtures as well to add a little more color to your garden or leave them in their natural hue. The only thing you must remember while putting a stone planter in your garden is that it must be away from pathways and must be watered frequently.

2. Garden Statues

Garden stone statue

Garden statues are yet another brilliant décor idea for your outdoors. Stone garden statues can bring a natural element to your space in a very subtle yet powerful way. While some people might think that adding sculptures in your garden can look cramped, it doesn't necessarily have to be that way even if you have a small space. If displayed smartly, stone statues can elevate your design quotient in an instant and become a conversational piece simultaneously.

If you are thinking of adding a stone statue to your backyard or garden, you need to take the time to plant out your ideas before you execute them and must find the right-sized piece that will go with the existing décor. If you prefer modern and contemporary styles then you can pick stone statues instead of plants and flowers to grace your garden. You can have them placed around ornamental trees or make them the highlight of your space.

3. Personalized Garden Ornaments

Personalized garden ornaments
There are a plethora of ways in which you can dazzle up a boring garden space from plating gorgeous flower beds to stylish landscaping ideas. However, an assortment of personalized stone garden ornaments or features can do wonders. All you need is an eye for detail and a little bit of creativity to introduce fitting elements. By investing in a dew beautiful garden ornaments, you can transform your entire garden.
You may not realize it but these store-bought sculptures, decorative objects and accent pieces can be the finishing touches your garden might be missing and make it your favorite outdoor space. You can add a customized garden sign with your name emblazoned on it or decorate a footpath with stone accents. They can become excellent conversation starters. Moreover, most of the garden ornaments are really affordable and you don not need to spend a fortune on them. So take inspiration and get to work!

4. Stone Bird Bath

Garden stone bird bath
Well if you have a beautiful garden space, you will have frequent feathered visitors gracing your space with their presence. If that is the case, you must add a birdbath to allow them to refresh themselves during their visits. A birdbath will bring a subtle function and elegance to any garden. There are plenty of options available in the market for you to choose from. However, a stone birdbath can become a decorative and practical addition while you are at it.
A stone birdbath is durable, sturdy, and aesthetically pleasing. It is not merely a place for pretty little birdies to wash up, it can also add to the beauty of your garden. It exhibits that your outdoor space is much more than just a place for flowers. It becomes a safe sanctuary for birds and other nature's beings. Moreover, if you are a creative person, you can carve out a birdbath at home from stone blocks to give it a rugged, vintage vibe.

5. Stone Water Features

Garden stone water features
Water features introduce a soothing, comforting and pleasing element for your garden. It is quite easy to get a water feature to look good if it is placed craftily. You must carefully consider which kind of water feature you want to install in your garden, then measure the space and get the right sized feature, and lastly, where you will put it. If you want the water feature nestled among the plants, it doesn’t matter if it is a bit too big or small.
You can install a small formal pond, fountain or a waterfall as a dividing line in your space with pristine aquatic vegetation as border elements. These stone water features can transform your space into a tranquil oasis. Whichever feature you decide to install in your backyard, you will be able to enjoy it for years to come as they are sturdy and durable and can withstand the elements of nature without any damages.

6. Stone Plinths

Garden stone plinth
A stone plinth makes for an attractive feature in your garden. Stone plinths have been used in classical architecture for years. These stone blocks have become an integral part of the garden décor in recent times. You can display garden statues on these stone plinths. You can place them in relation to the view you have when looking out from the window or the area visitors can see when passing by or relaxing on the deck or outdoor lounge space.
Strong, durable and heavy, these columns can endure all the elements of nature. You can transform your garden into an atrium with stone pedestals and plinths. You can place pretty planters and stunning statues on these stone columns, which will simply make your garden look like it belongs in Greece. It is not a common décor idea; however, it can create a classy vibe and add value to your home.

7. Stone Porticos

Stone porticos
A portico area is a design element with a roof by the front door of a home. It can either open up to a garden or the front porch. It has typical design elements such as columns and a roof. These structures can be made of any material – wood, stone or metal. But stone adds a vintage, rustic quality to it. The portico look is dominated by the Greek and Roman classical architectural designs; however, there are many varieties for dazzle up the aesthetics.
You can create a charming arched entryway to your garden that can add curves and softness to the door surround. You can completely make it out of stone blocks or mix and match the construction material. The porticos add function and style to the façade by supporting the arch and creating a lovely climbing edifice for vines and blooms to thrive upon and enhance the design quotient.

8. Stone Bench for Garden

Stone bench for garden
Let’s face it; stone is an elegant material when it comes to garden décor ideas. While you are remodeling your garden space, it is a smart idea to install a sturdy and durable bench in there for you to sit and relax. The bench in your garden may look casual and typical, but there should be more thought and consideration behind installing such a fixture in an outdoor space. You must consider the material of the bench and its placement is also of utmost importance.
While a wooden or metal bench is a good option, they are susceptible to the elements of nature and can decay over time. A stone bench, on the other hand, is a strong, elegant and long-lasting feature that you can enjoy for many years to come without having to worry about its maintenance and safety from weather and wind. Moreover, you must install a bench in a suitable and comfortable sitting spot in your garden.

9. Carved Garden Bench

Carved garden bench
Yes, benches are necessary for an outdoor garden space. But the design of these stone benches is as much necessary. As they become an integral part of your landscape design, you must put some thought before installing these fixtures. Straight benches are fine but curved garden benches attractively line the curved pathways and allow you to maintain the flow of your garden. When you are looking for a semi-circular or curved bench, your options are unlimited.
First, you need to decide on where you will place your bench and what material you will prefer. Although you can pick wood or metal, stone benches are your best bet in an outdoor space against the weather and wind. With a wide variety of curved benches, it is easy to get overwhelmed on which design to pick but you must remain focused on what your space requires and how it will complement your overall layout.

10. Stone Finials

Stone Finials
Another design element that you can introduce in your garden space to enhance its beauty is a couple of stone finials. A finial is a facet marking the top or end of some object, usually forming a decorative feature. It is typically carved in stone and is a brilliant addition to your outdoor landscape. In architecture, this element is used as the top of a spire, tower, dome or roof. They look like giant blooms when placed amid the garden’s greenery.
In recent times, finials have become a favorite pick for lawn and garden space as they bring the sculptural beauty of stone through intricate designs. They can be made in different materials and patterns. You may have seen these stunning design garden finials in public gardens where wooden posts tend to have turned wood finials.

11. Stone Door Surrounds

Stone Door Surrounds
Just like a fireplace surround can elevate the design quotient of your entire living room, a stone door surround can do the same to the façade of your home. Stone door surrounds will enhance the entrance to any structure and protect the door from the elements and any damage they may inflict. It is a design feature that is suitable for both interior and exterior use. Moreover, a door surround can use a variety of architectural elements such as half columns and pilasters, door jambs and entablatures – the possibilities are amazingly numerous.
A stone door surround will not only add to the beauty of the entrance but can offer a functioning quality as well. It can provide support to floral vines to form a living arch over the doorway. With a wide variety of colors, heights and widths to suit every opening and design layout, you can find the suitable pick for your home in order to increase the aesthetics.

12. Stone Pergola

Stone pergola
Believe it or not, pergolas have become an all-time favorite when it comes to remodeling the garden or backyard with a garden gazebo or any other stone décor ornament. They become the most preferred place to rest when the summer arrives. Depending on the location of your home, a pergola in your garden may be an important feature to shelter you from the elements. While there is huge material variety, you should consider installing a stone pergola – it will not only protect you from the weather but protect itself as well. A stone pergola makes for a sturdy and durable structure that can last for years.
It is a stylish outdoor fixture with no wall and a lattice instead of a roof. Your choice mostly depends on your tastes and lifestyle but these stone structures can work a charm in your outdoor landscape and turn it into a relaxing haven for you to take refuge in all seasons. Moreover, it will offer a climbing base to your vines and plants and create a living structure while enhancing the aesthetics.
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