Top 10 black marble bathtubs

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Top 10 black marble bathtubs
Black marble bathtub
A black marble bathtub is a real luxury item to be installed in your home. It is a beautiful, minimalist element that will make the bathroom feel chic and spacious. You have many marble types to choose from and different shapes and sizes can offer the perfect fit for your space and bathroom design. Many black marble bathtubs have a freestanding design that allows you the liberty to place them wherever and however you see fit.

If you are interested in investing in a black marble bathtub, then check out this list of top 10 black bathtubs that are beautiful, practical and can work flawlessly in all bathrooms. You can pick from an oval tub, soaking tub, round, rectangular and spa-like bathtubs – mostly depending on your budget and available area for the installation. Besides, a black marble tub will enhance the overall interior of the space.

Beige marble bathtub - Zen style bathroom

Beige marble bathtub
If not black, then opt for a golden cream colour or beige colour natural stone material for your bathtub, for it will elegantly raise the style quotient of your entire bathroom. A delicately beautiful light beige colour is one of the reasons to include a limestone bathtub in your space. The material is durable, strong and graceful. If you want a sturdy natural stone tub in your home that is easy to maintain, the beige limestone bathtubs are a perfect pick.

It is ideal for a zen-style bathroom. You can choose from lighter beige colour travertine or darker beige travertine bathtubs. Then there is golden cream marble also known as Egyptian beige marble, which is one of the most popular colours and materials when it comes to bathtub selection. Moreover, the different shades of beige colour allow you a wide palette to choose from.

Marble bathtub and pedestal sink

Pedestal sink

Your entire bathroom design depends on how you curate different elements in the space, such as your bathtub, shower and sinks. Besides, custom-matched bathroom elements can never go wrong. If you have a marble bathtub, try and get a customized marble pedestal sink to go with it. A marble sink is a simple structure and in its simple way, it can be fashioned and represented in many different ways to enhance the overall design of the bathroom.

There is a wide variety of bathroom sinks, but a pedestal sink stands tall among the rest (literally). As they are used quite often, it is important and wise to invest in a well-designed marble pedestal sink that will go nicely with your marble bathtub. This sink will leave a nice impression on visitors and elevate the design of the rest of the property. 

How to choose and buy a marble bathtub?

When you choose to buy a marble bathtub, you must consider and learn all there is. You need to learn about the marble types; the bathtub types and how much space you have available for the bathtub installation. Among all the kinds and materials, the most preferred bathtub is a freestanding marble tub. Most popular marble materials include sandstone, travertine, Carrara and cultured marble.

First, you need to consider the available area for installation and the existing bathroom design layout. You will need to take the maintenance of the marble bathtub into the account as well. Your budget is another factor that plays a major role in the bathtub purchase. The style, size, installation and lifestyle are also things you should factor in before choosing and buying a tub.

What is the best material of a bathtub? How to choose from different stone materials for your bathroom?

It is no doubt that natural stone is the perfect stone material for bathtub construction. But with a variety of natural stones available, it is easy to get confused as to which one is good. Granite is the best material for a bathtub for its strong and durable nature. Marble is another best material for a bathtub as it is heat resistant yet cool to touch, sturdy, durable and exceptionally beautiful. Moreover, different types of marble offer a wide range of options with stunning colours and elegant patterns – all of which can enhance the beauty of your entire bathroom layout instantly. 

It is a tedious and stressful task when it comes to choosing a natural stone material for your bathroom. To help you a bit, we have made a profile of various stone materials that will give you an idea about their colours, patterns and textures and whether or not you like them. It is highly essential to browse for different types to make an informed and right choice as you are making an investment when you are employing natural stone in your bathroom, a place which can help you relax at the end of the day with a relaxing bath. 

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