What kind of stone bathtub are you looking for? Never mind, you are in the right place. Marblebee Ltd. is the most professional natural stone bathtub company in the world. We select a different colour of the natural stone block from Italian, Iran, Egyp, Indonesia, South American, and China. Through our talented craftsman,  customize a unique marble bathtub, granite bathtub, travertine bathtub, limestone bathtub, Riverstone bathtub, etc. Furthermore, with our 20 years of experience, we customize the drain holes and overflows according to different standards for clients from worldwide.

We don't mould artificial marble tubs. We hand carve every stone bath, from a natural block to a unique marble tub. So you have the chance to choose a unique shape and size for your bathroom. From around soaking tub, Japanese soaker tub, Rectangular contemporary large bathtub to papillon bathtub, even clawfoot stone bathtub. From extra-large stone tub to mini stone tub for a child.

Last but not least, our experience in shipping and producing. An exquisite stone tub is an art. And it's easy to break during the shipping. We produce new stone bathtubs and ship them almost every week for the past 20 years.  With our experience, we have our unique ways to pack them. Even though there is an accident during shipping, we guarantee a 100% money refund.  Contact us for more information about your unique stone bathtub!

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